Nevada governor’s $2B education plan would boost per-pupil funding by around $2,000

Published: Mar. 6, 2023 at 7:38 PM PST
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LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) -Several education groups met Monday with the Las Vegas City Council to discuss school funding challenges.

Back in December an Education Law Center report found failing grades for student funding in Nevada. Not only did Nevada rank in the bottom five for funding-per-pupil, but Nevada’s funding distribution was also deemed the worst in the nation.

On Monday, several groups presented in front of the Las Vegas City Council, where Governor Joe Lombardo’s $2 billion dollar education budget was discussed, including how it will impact per-pupil spending in Nevada.

The chairman of the Nevada Commission on School Funding told the council Nevada spent $9,548 per pupil in 2020. But he said when you add in Governor Lombardo’s $2 billion education budget, Nevada’s per-pupil spending would rise to $11,785 for fiscal 2024.

“That’s good news to us because it’s considerably more than what we had projected might have been available,” said Nevada Commission on School Funding Chairman Guy Hobbs.

However, Hobbs also provided information that shows the national average of per pupil spending at $15,503, while a subject matter expert recommended $16,478.

Hobbs said the subject matter expert has provided consulting support for the state for several years on what would be adequate or preferred levels of funding on a per student basis.

Hobbs also provided information on what per-pupil spending would look like if Nevada does nothing and stays on the normal trend. Figures showed per-pupil spending in Nevada not hitting the Governor’s figures until around 2028.