LAS VEGSA (FOX5) -- The U.S. Senate's passage of the roughly $1 billion dollar infrastructure package could help Southern Nevada with our water allocation from the Colorado River.

Nevada receives about 300,000 acre feet of water under the deal -- the least amount among the seven states who draw water from the Colorado River.

Our allocation could go up if a water treatment plant partnership between the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California and the Southern Nevada Water Authority gets built.

A deal between the two water agencies would see part of California’s 4.4 million acre feet water allocation given to Nevada in exchange for subsidizing construction of a $450 million water recycling plant.

According to Bronson Mack from the Southern Nevada Water Authority, if the feasibility study and environmental assessments get the green light and the plant is built, then Nevada would contribute about 25% of the cost.

In exchange, some of the water that California draws on from the Colorado River would belong to Nevada.

The infrastructure deal must be passed by the House of Representatives and then signed into law by President Joe Biden.

What our allocation for our investment would amount to would be determined by the size and cost of the plant, according to Mack.

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"Water conservation" meaning no water for the Whites...Marxist Sisolak is a criminal gang member.


Who do you think owns all the farms that take the majority of Colorado River water? Hint: it's not Native Americans, African Americans, Latinx, or Asian Americans.

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