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An undated photo of Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) - Caesars Entertainment is implementing an armed security team.

Caesars issued a statement, confirming the security changes:

“There’s a team here that’s going to come to our rescue if something happens,” retired LVMPD homicide detective Phil Ramos said. “I think it’s a good move on the resort industry’s part.”

The move helps to prepare Caesars for emergencies to come.

“That time could be years down the road or it might be tomorrow, you never know,” Ramos said.

A spokesperson for Caesars did not offer any more details about the armed emergency response team.

But security expert Douglas Florence gave an idea of what is expected.

“It could be as few as eight to ten personnel per property,” he said. “But it will be 24/7.”

Florence used to lead the security team at Hard Rock. He said he knows the type of person who fits this role.

“These are going to be folks that are there all the time,” he said. “They will be drilling on a regular basis. So the public will get to see that. They will be there as a presence wearing tactical gear as well as carrying firearms.”

Florence added not everyone on the team will be so obvious to visitors.

On Caesars' employment page, there are at least five openings, requiring a minimum of five years of law enforcement or military experience.

“They do understand the shoot-don’t shoot scenario,” Florence said. “And they understand that when I’m shooting, what’s behind the target that I’m shooting at because we don’t want innocent people to be hurt.”

Retired Metro detective Phil Ramos agreed.

“It’s going to make the guests feel much more comfortable being there because everybody is worried, ‘What if this happens here?’” Ramos said. “Well one thing we’ve learned in the last year is, it can happen anywhere.”

MGM has similar tactical security team in place. Ramos said he thinks more hotels on the Strip will follow suit.

“You expect them in the day in age in sports stadiums, likely targets for a mass casualty situation,” Ramos said. “But at a resort, we’re now at that point. And it’s a sad reflection of the world that we live in right now.”

Florence added other hotels employees should not necessarily be trained to carry weapons. But they should learn how to react in any scenario.

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