FAA area 51 restrictions

Flight restrictions issued by the FAA. (FAA)

HENDERSON (FOX5) -- Flight restrictions were issued for the area surrounding Area 51 during a weekend that several alien-themed events are happening nearby.

The Federal Aviation Administration issued a "note to airmen" on Monday stating pilots are not allowed to operate aircraft near the Nevada National Security Site from 7 a.m. on Thursday through the same time on Sunday. 

The note lists "special security reasons" as the reason for the limitation.

Potentially thousands of people were expected to descend upon the site's surrounding small towns, themselves surrounded by miles and miles of nothing but desert, for events sprung from "Storm Area 51."

Though now shrouded in some drama, Alienstock was still scheduled as a music festival for the small town of Rachel, Nevada this weekend. Storm Area 51 Base Camp was planned for the nearby town of Hiko on the same days. 

Neither Rachel nor Hiko are included in the restricted area. 

"Storm Area 51" founder Matty Roberts has since separated from Alienstock and was expected to co-host an alien-themed rave downtown on Friday night. 

The limitations of the restriction were as follows:

  1. Only Department of Defense aircraft were allowed
  2. All manned aircraft must "be on a discrete code"
  3. All aircraft pilots and operators must maintain two-way communication
  4. and all emergency or life-saving flight must coordinate with Nellis Air Traffic Facility before entry to the restricted area

If you or someone you know plans to attend the weekend's events north of the Las Vegas Valley, make sure to keep a sure stock of water and food, as well as a full tank of gas before the 50-mile stretch to Rachel. 

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