LAS VEGAS (FOX) -- Will Las Vegas ever run out of water? Where does it come from? How much do Las Vegas resorts use with their water shows?

The FOX5 weather team spoke with experts in the field to answer your questions about water in the desert.


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One of the biggest mistakes Las Vegas has made with water is permitting water parks. That's a colossal waste of water. The Water District has got to stop blaming water waste on people who dare to have lawns for their kids and pets, etc. to play on when they are allowing these huge water parks to use so much water on water slides, lazy rivers, etc. That's a lot of water evaporating into the air. That and all the hundreds of private pools around town. If the district is going to mandate watering schedules for lawns and landscaping (which are way too strict and unrealistic by the way - the main reason why so many trees blow over every year is that their roots are under-developed from not being watered enough. I see a lot of properties with dead and dying plants as well, no doubt partly because they aren't watered enough), then the district needs to also require pool owners to cover their pools when they aren't swimming in them. Covering pools greatly reduces the otherwise very high rate of evaporation from them. Most people don't realize how much water their pools lose because they've got the refill pipe going all the time. Tell the district that you won't run ads picking on irrigation any more, that you want to see some other ways of conserving water in the ads. Those irrigation ads are very rude and insulting anyway. Hockey players checking home owners into the wall because they dare to water their yard? It's terrible.

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