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We talked with a UMC doctor about staying safe during extreme heat.

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- It was a weekend of record breaking temperature for the Las Vegas Valley.

Saturday the valley recorded 113 degrees at McCarran International Airport. That mark beat the old record of 111 degrees set back in 1939. In 2002 Las Vegas tied the record.

Sunday the daytime high reached 113 degrees tying an 80-year-old record set in 1939.

Cooler weather is not in the forecast, at least for the remainder of the week.

The National Weather Service issued an excessive heat warning lasting through Wednesday evening.

Over the next three days, temperatures are expected to hover around 113 degrees.

More records could be set or tied through the weekend with highs expected around 110 degrees.

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Where’s Alvin Gore ,should be crawling out of his mansions,pushing the global warming hoax ! Maybe we’ll get a good earthquake?


This is a common misunderstanding I see quite often. There is difference between weather and climate. Also we are in the 3rd most seismically active state in country so it is pretty likely we will have earthquakes as well we tend to have good ones every other month or so. The North American plate is literally tearing Nevada in half slowly.


It's Nevada. Pretty normal for August.


This is abnormally hot even for August. In nearly 100 years of recording temperatures in Las Vegas it has never been this hot at this time of year. The difference between 102 and 112 is real and can mean life and death for those stuck in it.


Cooler weather is not forecast for the remaining week. Cooler weather and the month of August should not be in the same sentence.

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