LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Long wait times, even no drivers at a given time. Rideshare issues persist throughout the valley.

FOX5 has reached out to Uber and Lyft on Monday about what they are doing to help fill the demand, and we are waiting to hear back, but people throughout the area say it's been a consistent problem. 

When Josh Reising flew into town on Friday and tried to get a ride to Henderson from the airport, he booked on his phone and went to the rideshare area.

“There must have been at least 10-12 people in line waiting, and I saw a car out there that matched the description of my pickup,” Reising said.

The vehicle had both Uber and Lyft decals in the front window, so he asked the driver if it was the ride he booked.

“He said, ‘You know what, to avoid all this, go ahead and just cancel the ride and I’ll take you.' Before I even told him where I was going, he said, ‘Just book with me, we will do everything under the table,’” Reising said.

Reising said he agreed to pay $25 cash to avoid the wait.

On Water Street in Henderson on Saturday night, Reising said he tried to book both Uber and Lyft and couldn’t get a car.

“I must have been trying for at least a solid half hour between Lyft and Uber and there was no car available. I eventually just cancelled both of them and walked 40 minutes to get from one location to where I was trying to get to,” Reising said.

Uber is now asking its riders to contact the governor through a form on their website asking him to bring back surge pricing allowing Uber to charge more at peak times, something they say has led to a driver shortage. Surge pricing is paused right now in Nevada as the pandemic continues.

Meanwhile, Lyft is offering new drivers who sign up a $3,000 guarantee for completing 180 rides in 30 days and promising new drivers in Las Vegas they will make up to $35 per hour.

Numbers from the Nevada Taxicab Authority give a good idea of how the demand for rides has changed during the height of the pandemic versus what it’s like now. 

In the months before the pandemic hit, typically there were about 1.1 to 1.2 million taxi rides a month in the state.


By April 2020, that dropped down to just over 12,000 rides, down 99% from April 2019.

In the last few months, the numbers have climbed, jumping by hundreds of thousands. In March 2021, there were nearly 700,000 taxi rides in Nevada, up more than 300,000 in a month, though still about half of pre-pandemic levels.

"Like the rideshare industry, the taxi industry has also been impacted by the federally-supplemented unemployment insurance benefits related to drivers returning to work," a representative from the Nevada Taxicab Authority said,

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what stopped me from this driving job is the mandatory requirement for state business license and county business license, over $200 annually. i don't OWN & operate these transport businesses, why do i need 2 business licenses ? do i have to pay "business income tax"?

if I'm a part owner of uber and Lyft then I'll be glad to pay for the business licenses !! the government need to stop gouging average working people !! Every driver should stop driving untill the business licenses requirement is removed.. how come I don't need business licenses to drive for other transport companies ??


If Lyft and Uber were interested in helping drivers then raise the per mile rate and allow them to earn more! You see drivers know that they are being screwed by them so going around the companies is what they are doing;)


Drivers will not be returning as there is no money to be made in Lyft or Uber! As veteran drivers ban together, it will be a clear message to both companies to not steal from the drivers by lowering your rates like they have done! If they were so concerned about surge then why not go around it and offer more per mile to the drivers. You see Lyft and Uber are not looking out for the best interest of drivers. The incentives they say they offer are a joke and nearly impossible to achieve for majority and they know it. They claim $35 per hour??? , what a joke that is! Simply put do not drive for these companies rather stick to meeting new friends and if they want to apple pay you for breakfast, lunch or dinner, then so be it. You will enjoy doing that and do it legally without advertising. Just offer "New Friends" you meet your number and give them a ride add some smile and perks and watch how many friends you find to ride around town with you;) So far many drivers have figured this one out obviously and more than likely will be the new way of networking;) Bye- Bye Lyft and Uber!

Joe Enterprise

[thumbup] Unfortunately, you speak the truth Sean. Drivers have to really hustle to make even $15 an hour after expenses - nearly impossible with rising gas prices ... Thanks Joe Potato!

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