LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Thanksgiving is one of the heaviest travel days of the year and local law enforcement agencies are doing what they can to keep everyone safe.

"When you watch it on the news, it's just a number," said Lieutenant Todd Kovaletz with the California Highway Patrol. "But that number is somebody's mom. That's somebody's dad. That's somebody's son or daughter."  

It's already been a deadly week on Nevada highways, with multiple fatalities on Interstate 15.

"It started off on Monday when someone rear-ended a big rig trying to aggressively pass toward the right," Lt. Kovaletz said.

Trooper Ashlee Wellman with Nevada State Police said local law enforcement agencies are joining forces to help keep people safe.

"We partner up with California Highway Patrol, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, Henderson, North Las Vegas, as well as school police," Wellman said.

Wellman said the goal is to make sure everyone makes it to their destination safely. Officers will not only be looking for people driving under the influence or recklessly, but those that are distracted too.

"I see far too often people not paying attention and they're looking down at their phones or their radio, or even talking to their passenger," Wellman said.

It won't just be on the ground. Kovaletz said planes will also be looking for speeders.

"They can spot stuff we can't see," Kovaletz said. "They can give us a heads up that someone coming may be slowed down once they got to us when just seconds prior, they were doing over a hundred."

Primm traffic

Overall, officers said they want to end the weekend with zero fatalities.

"We don't ever want [the badge] to be a symbol of fear," Wellman said. "It's a symbol of trust. But we want you to slow down. And maybe once you see us, then you'll get off your phone."

"I know it sounds cliché. But it's one mistake, one time speeding," Kovaletz said. "You're saving two minutes, or you could kill a family. So please slow down out there. Designate a sober driver and if not, we're going to be looking for you."


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