LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Parents at a south valley elementary school are asking the county for a crosswalk to get kids to campus safely, but they’re not getting the greenlight from Clark County. 

"It's a busy road in the morning and at pick-up and drop-off," said Stuckey Elementary School PTA president Cristi Gatten.

Gatten said some Stuckey parents park on Starr Hills Avenue and walk their children across the busy street to get to school, even though there are "no parking" signs. Parents are supposed to use the school's designated drop-off and pick-up lane. 

She also said some parents make illegal U-turns out of the designated pick-up and drop-off lane.  

"My biggest concern is the parents that don’t pay attention and make the illegal U-turns because they probably would hit somebody who had to jaywalk to get into the building because we’re not getting what we need from public works," she said.

Gatten said parents need a crosswalk. She requested two crosswalks from Clark County, one directly across from the school and another connecting Olympia Sports Park to the opposite side of Starr Hills Avenue. 

"We’re not asking for anything electrical. We’re not asking to change any traffic patterns. We’re just asking for a safe route to get in and out of the building," she said. The county denied Gatten's request.

A Clark County representative said they didn't see enough students crossing the street to walk home. Instead, they observed students crossing Starr Hills Avenue to get into parked cars. 

Crosswalk on the road

Gatten said she plans to appeal the county's denial of her crosswalk request. 

To request a crosswalk near a school in unincorporated Clark County, email

The county will send an inspector to the proposed location to determine traffic and pedestrian volume, distance, and speed. They will also work with the school to determine if enforcement or engineering is also needed. 

Parents looking to request a crosswalk in Henderson, North Las Vegas or the city of Las Vegas should contact the individual municipality rather than the county. 


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So the school requests a crosswalk as a work around to accommodate parents who park illegally, don't pay attention and make U-Turns where they aren't supposed to. Great example set for kids by the school and the parents.

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