LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- In just a few months, Allegiant Stadium will welcome fans for the first Raiders game of the 2021-22 season. On Thursday, Raiders President Marc Badain revealed the transportation and parking plan for the stadium.

"One thing we wanted to make sure we did was have oversupply," Badain said. "You can always ratchet back. So you secure as many spaces as you can get and then we'll see how the process works over this season and coming seasons."

He said 35,000 spots will be available for fans to park all within one mile of Allegiant.

"We do think we have enough, but until we actually play games and actually have events, we won't know for sure," Badain said.

"The fan experience, attending game day... it's not uncommon for fans to walk a mile to two miles as part of that experience," said CEO of Regional Transportation Commission, M.J. Maynard.

For those who don't want to drive, RTC will also run its double decker bus with 57 bus stops along the Las Vegas Strip. One of those stops is right by the Hacienda bridge where fans will have easy access to the stadium.

"For the RTC, the fact that we get to be part of that game day experience ... we're really excited about," Maynard said.

Badain said his team has been preparing for this for years now and feel they're ready for success.

"Everyone's going to have their plan," Badain said. "Everyone developed a plan going to the Knights games or other events on the Strip, but nobody has done it here yet. So, we'll put together the best plan we can. We'll watch, we'll learn and improve it."

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Because of all the politics and under the table money the parking situation won't work until they eventually eminent domain all the businesses in that area. Should've built this between Henderson and boulder city or past summerlin. No taxpayer money should've been used but every politician involved had to get their cut too. Just like the marijuana shops. They all had to dip their grubby little hands in that too.


The parking for the stadium is absolutely inadequate. People do not want to walk 2 miles between their car and the stadium. This is one of the main reasons why the Russell location was a deficient location for a stadium.

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