LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Saturday's preseason game was a big test for how Las Vegas Raiders fans will access the stadium. 

Fans celebrated the first Raiders tailgate to kick off the first official gameday victory at Allegiant Stadium.

The RTC of Southern Nevada and the Raiders launched the "Game Day Express" bus service on Saturday. The bus will pickup fans from five locations around the valley for $2 one way or $4 round trip. PAssengers must have exact cash. For service routes, click here

So far, each large-capacity event the stadium has hosted this summer has come with consistent traffic and parking issues. Saturday, businesses around the stadium were out in full force advertising their parking and prices.

The furthest parking FOX5 saw will cost fans $40; the closer fans get to the stadium will see prices increase to $60 and $100.

Friends Dave Sterz and Jim Otto arrived three hours early to avoid congestion. 

“We did notice as you get closer and closer to the stadium, the price of parking goes up, but we already had parking paid for," Otto said.

“I have no problem with these guys charging what they can get because they waited for two years for one thing, and it’s the American system, you know," Sterz said.

Sean Thatcher said the best way to save money is order a rideshare.

Seahawks Raiders Football

People cheer during a ribbon cutting at Allegiant Stadium before an NFL preseason football game between the Las Vegas Raiders and the Seattle Seahawks, Saturday, Aug. 14, 2021, in Las Vegas. (AP Photo/Steve Marcus)

“Definitely take an Uber, cause man, it’ll save you a long trip ... easily more money pay up in the stadium," Thatcher said.

Football fans Q. Carson and Kevin Conway had very different experiences.

Carson said he is a veteran and didn't have to pay, while Conway paid $80 at the parking lot at Mandalay Bay.

But the excitement coupled with how long Raider Nation has waited to experience the first game in Las Vegas was worth it.

“Honestly, I’ve been waiting for them to have their own stadium for awhile. I’m from Oakland so I’ve been waiting for this for a while," Carson said.

"I’m from Vegas and I’ve been going to L.A. and Oakland for the last 30 years," Conway said. 


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