LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- The Raiders know they have to put points on the board if they are going to beat the Chiefs, especially in Kansas City.

The offense has struggled with slow starts in many of the games during second half of the season.

Interim head coach Rich Bisaccia said the coaches and players are working to find solutions.

"The majority of things that we don’t execute well, we’d like to think that they’re fixable," Bisaccia said. "Some are personnel concerns, some are scheme conversations on some things that we can do better, some are situation call that we may have made in all three phases."

Quarterback Derek Carr gave an honest assessment of the offense. 

"I believe this that we have a very good offense," Carr said. "I think situationally we have been terrible. Third downs have not been our best, inconsistent is a better word. Red Zone we have to be better."

Carr said things have to be handled internally, not in public.

"We’re not in the business of pointing fingers," Carr said. "Coach Bisaccia said it today, as soon as you point a finger you have three pointing back. We’re in the business of problem solving. We can all create problems. I can sit up here and say a lot of things, give you guys a lot of tweets and it would probably break the internet. But I’m in the business of solving problems." 

Raiders prep for Chiefs.JPG

Carr said he understands the pressure to win in the National Football League.

"The urgency to win, I feel that," Carr said. "I feel that on everybody’s heart. I’ve always felt that. That’s all I care about is wanting to win and win for this team. So I feel that urgency."

The Raiders travel to Kansas City for a Sunday morning 10:00 a.m. kickoff against the Chiefs.

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