Raiders quarterback Derek Carr

Raiders quarterback Derek Carr is seen during a news conference on Wednesday, Nov. 4. (Screen capture/FOX5)

HENDERSON, Nev. (AP) — Derek Carr said Henry Ruggs III needs to be loved right now and needs to know he has people in his corner.

“And if no one else will do it, I’ll do it,” the Las Vegas quarterback said Wednesday.

Raiders interim coach Rich Bisaccia said it’s important to keep the focus on the fact 23-year-old Tina O. Tintor was killed Tuesday morning in a fiery crash involving Ruggs, the 22-year-old receiver who was cut by the team Tuesday night.

“We want to express our sincere condolences to the victim’s family,” Bisaccia said from a prepared statement. “We’re deeply saddened for everyone affected. Especially the victim’s family.”

Prosecutors said Ruggs was driving at 156 mph with a blood-alcohol content twice Nevada’s legal limit before his Chevrolet Corvette slammed into the rear of Tintor's vehicle that burned, killing her. Ruggs faces felony charges of driving under the influence of alcohol resulting in death and reckless driving.

“We love Henry Ruggs, and want him to know that,” Bisaccia added. “It’s a terrible lapse in judgment, of the most horrific kind. It’s something that he will have to live with the rest of his life. The gravity of the situation is not lost on anyone here and we understand and respect the loss of life.”

Ruggs and passenger Kiara Je’nai Kilgo-Washington were injured.

The Raiders didn’t wait for courts to act and announced Ruggs' release in a one-sentence statement Tuesday night. After struggling through his rookie season, the former Alabama star had emerged as one of Carr’s favorite targets, hauling in 24 passes for a team-high 469 yards and two touchdowns.

“My emotions have been on a roller coaster so to speak this year,” Carr said. “My heart goes out so much. I’ll try to say it with a straight face because I’ve already been emotional about every bit of this. But to the family, to all the families involved, no one ever wants to see this, whether it’s a football player or not, you never want to see something like this happen. It broke my wife and I’s heart, honestly.”

The crash came three weeks after Jon Gruden resigned as coach over emails he sent before being hired by the team in 2018.

Coming off a bye week, the Raiders are preparing to play Sunday at the New York Giants.

“Football is secondary when something like this happens. We’re talking about lives, a lot of different lives in a lot of different situations,” Carr said. “For us, from a football aspect, our mindset is we’re going to be ready to play. That’s for sure.”


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(8) comments


Disagree. Nail him to the wall.


Just another worthless low iq criminal thug ! Glorified by being a football player!


bs....he needs to be taken to the shed. Then a lesson or two on how to be accountable & responsible. No family man would be out drinking & driving like that putting others in danger. Needs to be loved? No, he needs a major wake up call.


I can find no reason to cut this kid any slack. He chose to drive drunk and he chose to drive recklessly. He apparently has a documented history of reckless driving as well. This behavior is celebrated online with videos of dangerous and deadly driving activities and society allows it to be glorified. Stop rewarding bad behavior. It is time for people like him to face the consequences for their actions. An innocent woman was burned to death alive !!!!!! She was someones daughter, trapped inside her car, who suffered the most horrific death possible. No punishment will ever be enough.


I agree. Society showing an overly amount of compassion for criminal activity is contributing to more criminal activity. You'll only disagree with me if you haven't been a victim of a serious crime...yet.


Well by disagreeing with you I have made you statement false. You'll find many people, not a majority, but still a significant amount who have been victims of serious crimes that still believe people can be reformed and saved. Don't work in absolutes, there are always exceptions.




It seems Derek Carr has decided to stand by his football buddy, Henry Ruggs. Carr says that Ruggs needs to be loved and needs people in his corner. This, after Ruggs murdered an innocent victim when he decided to drive drunk and slammed into her car while driving 156 mph. He murdered a 23 year old young woman and her dog who were both burned to death when her car caught on fire from the impact.

This was no accident. He chose to drink and drive at an excessive speed. This, while the NFL offers free rides to it's players if they've been drinking, as well as the multitude of other options he could have made instead of getting behind the wheel.

So, David Carr, go ahead and stand by the murderer. My choice is to stand by the family of the 23 year old girl he murdered.

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