LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- The district-wide campus shutdown includes all athletics at the Clark County School District.

Coaches were alerted Wednesday morning that the canceled games during the five day window will not be rescheduled.

Winter sports are affected by the closure, including wrestling and boys and girls basketball. Basketball practices across the valley operated as normal Wednesday, but will be required to shut down Friday.

"It’s kind of bad timing, because the day we come back we actually have a game,” Liberty High School head basketball coach Kevin Soares said. “Now we're talking about not having any contact for five days, no conditioning, so you kind of have to hope the kids do that stuff on their own."

"I'm a big believer in not taking two days off ever, so to take five days off on a pause will hurt,” Foothill High School head basketball coach Paul DeSantis said. "It effects the kids a lot. The kids need the gym time, need the time with their peers and character stuff that we try to pound into them."

Liberty and Foothill basketball will miss just one game, however it's one they’ve both had circled on their calendar all season.

The Big City Showdown Saturday at Bishop Gorman would have featured some of the best basketball programs in Southern Nevada. It’s also a showcase opportunity for some of the star players hoping to move on to the next level.

"Those games are very important as far as their future’s go,” DeSantis said.

The closure is possibly the hardest on seniors that already lost their entire junior season. Foothill senior Declan Smith said he’s trying to stay positive.

"I was kind of disappointed, but luckily we didn't have too many games during that period," Smith said.

High school games canceled during CCSD closure

The coaches said they know the decision’s out of their hands, but their goal is to keep their players on the court.

"Last year it hurt our kids mentally a lot so at least let us finish out the season so we don't have any of those issues we had last year," Soares said.

Organizers of the Big City Showdown are attempting to reschedule for a later data, according to the coaches.

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