Henderson Pavilion

Henderson Pavilion

HENDERSON (FOX5) -- Dozens of Henderson residents voiced concerns to city council about the AHL hockey arena planned for Green Valley. 

City officials announced an agreement at the State of the City address last week. Vegas Golden Knights owner Bill Foley announced plans to construct a 6,000 seat arena in the location of the aging Henderson Pavilion. 

Most residents expressed concerns over crowds and traffic. 

"I think there's better locations for this area," one resident said. 

"Replacing the building with a 6,000 seat arena in a residential neighborhood will have dire consequences," another said. 

City council officials told the public how the Henderson Pavilion must be replaced, and is a drain on the city's resources. 

"The seats that are in that pavilion are no longer manufactured. Its virtually lived its life," said council member Dan Shaw, who said the tent also cannot be replaced. 

Shaw and other council members vowed to address concerns over traffic. 

Public hearings will be held starting in early March. 

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Ive been in Henderson 15 years. It was a lovely residential town\city. Now Debra March sold Henderson to the high paying teams for profit, now Henderson is a commercial district with Airbnb raising rents , inflating housing costs when they sell to Corporations for "vacation rentals" March also is begging for 2500 "refugees" Crime is rising and the city is no longer recognizable in 2 years time. Its L.A. liberalism and corporate kickbacks for the crooked politicians. Mexicans get free housing and medical and citizens get the bills and have to wait to see a Dr for 2 months. Residential Henderson is lost.

just sayin'

Oh wow, were getting real sports teams, I likey, I likey. Wait, NOT in my back yard! Put it someplace else.

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