LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- The Las Vegas Raiders improved to 2-0 this week after earning their first road win of the season in Pittsburgh on Sunday. This is the first time the silver and black have started the year 2-0 in back-to-back seasons since 1984.

However, despite the victory, Vegas did not leave the Steel City unscathed, racking up some more injuries which include rookie right tackle Alex Leatherwood (back strain) and quarterback Derek Carr, who suffered an ankle injury in the third quarter, yet finished the game.

"He had ad MRI on it today, I think he'll be able to play. I'm not sure," said Raiders Head Coach Jon Gruden. "Will will have the official injury for you, I'll make sure that is officially laid out, but I think right now he is questionable."

The Raiders managed just 52 yards on the ground against the Steelers, averaging 2.1 yards per carry. One of the big reasons why was because they were without running back Josh Jacobs. The Pro Bowler was ruled out earlier in the week, dealing with toe and ankle injuries.

"I met with him this morning, he's in great spirits, really happy with the win," said Gruden. "I would think he is day-to-day and very questionable for this game."

Injuries are part of the game and while the Raiders have their fair share, Gruden says the difference between being able to overcome them or let them ruin your season boil down to one intangible within your franchise.

"Certain teams have a brotherhood, certain teams don't. You can try and make it a family, brotherhood-like atmosphere, but sometimes it's impossible to do. These guys in this locker room are more than just teammates, they're brothers. They pull for each other, they lean on each other, and they challenge each other. i think that is something that we're more proud of than anything, we have a lot of guys that enjoy coming in here and providing the extra effort that it takes to have a chance to win games like the ones we're winning right now."

Raiders Steelers Football

Las Vegas Raiders quarterback Derek Carr meets with the media following an NFL football game against the Pittsburgh Steelers in Pittsburgh, Sunday, Sept. 19, 2021. The Raiders won 26-17. (AP Photo/Don Wright)

"Makes it fun to come in and coach," explained Gruden. "When you're a teacher, you have students that come in and are actually looking at you and taking notes when you're talking, they might learn something. You might help a guy get an A+ or an A, and you feel good as a teacher. We have guys that like to come in here and they demand that you give them some instruction on how to win a game and how to improve as a player. I think that's the key ingredient. 5-star character, everyone talks about 5-star talent, he's a 5-star talent, no one talks about 5-star character , we got a lot of that here and that's a big reason why we're winning."

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