LAS VEGAS (FOX5)-- For Vegas Golden Knights fan Jessica Kasch, the team is more than just a hockey team to her.

Watching their games have helped her through incredibly tough times.

In 2014, at the age of 25, she was diagnosed with stage four brain cancer.

A mass on the right side of her brain was diagnosed by doctors as Glioblastoma.

The deadliest from of cancer that grows fast and spreads quickly in the brain.

After three brain surgeries, a plate in her head, chemo and radiation treatment she would be cancer free for the past 5.5 years, celebrating each year with a trip to her favorite place in the world, the Fortress.

Jessica was just at a Knights game on Halloween, but two months later, right around Christmas time, Jessica’s family started to notice she was showing symptoms again of Glioblastoma.

The doctors believe she is experiencing the progression of a tumor once again in her brain.

So what does her husband do to cheer her up? Simply reach out to her favorite Golden Knights player, Jonathan Marchessault, for some words of encouragement.

Marchessault responded by inviting her to a Knights game and to meet him. 

So 36 hours. 1,615 miles from where she’s from in St. Louis all the way to Las Vegas just to see Marchy. A trip the family believed would boost her spirit and give her hope to fight cancer once again.

Not only did Jessica come out for a trip of a lifetime. Her and her husband also renewed their vows right on the strip after the Golden Knights game.A weekend Jessica will remember forever.

Jessica has started a new treatment called immunotherapy where her entire body’s immune system will fight to shrink the tumor in her brain.

After this trip to the Fortress, Jessica is battle ready for her tough days that lie ahead as she continues to be an inspiration for the Golden Knights and those around her. 

Right now, Jessica is fighting through her new treatment. Her diet is incredibly strict as her immune system must stay strong. The family has written a cook book to share her healthy recipes for those who may also be sick or looking to live a healthy lifestyle. 

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