Paws @ Home provides companionship to Veteran patients and those suffering from dementia or loneliness

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The joy, comfort, and companionship provided by pets is just another way someone suffering from a debilitating illness can process their thoughts. That’s why Nathan Adelson Hospice started a new program called Paws @ Home designed to connect patients with life-like robotic pets.

“We are so excited to launch Paws @ Home for our patients who may need extra companionship and comfort,” said President and CEO of Nathan Adelson Hospice Karen Rubel. “We understand the impact animals can have on our mental health and wellbeing, and these adorable pets will serve as an extension of our promise to provide quality and compassionate care.”

Patients have the choice in five therapeutic plush pet selections -- two dog breeds and three cat options -- that can provide comfort and companionship to those in hospice.

These pets come with built-in sensors that respond to all manner of human touch. Imagine the joy of owning a pet without the vet bills and clean-up duty.

Paws @ Home is part of the Paws for Paul program. The program was created in honor of Paul Ames, brother of actor Brad Garrett. Ames was a passionate advocate for animals, especially the dogs he cared for during his life.

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