Nathan Adelson Hospice’s Advanced Cardiac Care Program can meet your heart needs


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February is American Heart Month, a time where we all should take a moment and really think about the health of one of the body’s strongest muscles.

Here at Nathan Adelson Hospice, we commemorate American Heart Month on a daily basis -- regardless of what the calendar says. Our comprehensive heart health program provides you and your loved ones peace of mind without repeated trips to the emergency room.

Your home is your sanctuary -- and what better way to keep it that way than our Advanced Cardiac Care Program. ACCP meets your individualized needs through regular visits by a cardiac nurse, specialized patient education, a board-certified Palliative Medicine doctor, medication choices, and a full team of caregivers designed to meet nearly every need.

In a world where one person dies from cardiovascular disease every 34 seconds, you need a team dedicated to your heart. Nathan Adelson Hospice is that team.