Cyndi Lundeberg


Cyndi Lundeberg joined FOX5 in December 2015 as a reporter. She took on the role of 4 p.m. anchor in April 2016.

Born and raised in San Diego, Cyndi attended San Diego State University where she studied journalism and religious studies.

Her career in local news began when she moved across the country to Jackson, TN, where she was a full-time reporter. She had several stories go national, including one about a special-needs student who had been hit by his teacher. Cyndi researched the teacher’s charges and found that, according to Tennessee State law, he should have been charged with a felony and not a misdemeanor. The suspect had to be re-arrested.

Cyndi’s career then took her to One America News, a national news network based out of San Diego. After working as an anchor at OANN for a year, Cyndi wanted to get back into local news and reporting and moved to Yuma, AZ. During her time at KSWT-TV, Cyndi covered a variety of stories including the border, illegal immigration, drug trafficking, agriculture and the Marine Corps. Her favorite story was when she was invited by the Marine Corps to cover boot camp in San Diego. Cyndi was able to see every aspect recruits go through before becoming Marines.

Cyndi is thankful and excited to be in Las Vegas and excited to be a part of the Las Vegas Valley community. Her favorite stories to cover are ones that impact viewers, so if you have something you want her to cover let her know!

Cyndi can be reached at


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