Looking to advertise your business? FOX5 Vegas is your marketing solution!

From commercials to digital advertising and sponsorships, our Sales Department & Production Team can create a custom campaign that will reach FOX5 viewers and beyond.

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On Air
  • Commercials
  • News & Station Sponsorships
  • MORE Integrated Segments
  • Product Placement
Digital Advertising
  • Display Ads
  • Rich Media
  • Email Marketing
  • Audience Targeting
  • OTT

Dan Schwarz

General Sales Manager
702-436-8275 | dan.schwarz@fox5vegas.com

Crissie Bown

Local Sales Manager
702-436-8280 | crissie.bown@fox5vegas.com

Yvette Rodriguez

Marketing Manager
702-436-8204 | yvette.rodriguez@fox5vegas.com