Looking to advertise your business? FOX5 is your marketing solution!

From commercials to digital advertising, our FOX5 Sales Department & Production Team can create a custom campaign that will allow you to reach your goals.

Whether it is brand awareness or gaining more customers, we can help introduce your business to our FOX5 viewers on-air, online and even out of market thanks to our parent company, Meredith.

Our Emmy Award Winning Commercial Production Team can write, edit and produce custom commercials.

Our FOX5 Digital team can design creative digital ads, then help you strategically place them here on fox5vegas.com, social media and other sites.

We also offer a host of non-traditional advertising sponsorships and product integration opportunities that will seamlessly align your business with the FOX5 brand. On Air Commercials News & Station Sponsorships MORE Integrated Segments Product Placement Digital Advertising Display Ads Rich Media Email Marketing Audience Targeting Social Media Ad Campaigns OTT WEB AND TV ADVERTISING CONTACTS:

Click here if you are interested in political advertising opportunities on FOX5 and fox5vegas.com.

Michael Korr - General Sales Managermkorr@fox5vegas.com | 702-436-8279

Crissie Bown - Local Sales Managercrissie.bown@fox5vegas.com | 702-436-8280

Tom Baker - Local Sales Managertom.baker@fox5vegas.com | 702-436-8275

Holly Spoor - Digital Sales Managerholly.spoor@fox5vegas.com | 702-436-8254

Yvette Rodriguez - Marketing Manageryvette.rodriguez@fox5vegas.com | 702-436-8204


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