(KOVR/CNN/Meredith) -- A 21-year-old Sacramento State senior died early Friday morning after being shot in the chest with a pellet gun at a fraternity party.

Now, dispatch recordings reveal what first responders encountered at the house party that turned deadly.

Initially, police responded to a call for a person who had passed out. The recordings reveal that the person who supposedly passed out had actually been shot with a pellet gun.

“…A 21-year-old male…uhhh…he was shot in the chest with a pellet gun…went unresponsive…and is now in cardiac arrest,” the recordings reveal a medic saying.

The victim was identified as Sacramento State senior Will Molina.

Pictures from his Facebook page show Molina graduating from Folsom High School and turning into a Sacramento State business major.

Molina was also a member of Pi Kappa Alpha, a fraternity with members who live at the house where the shooting took place. He was shot during a party there. It’s unclear if Molina lived there.

Police say everyone who witnessed the shooting is cooperating.

No arrests have been made, but police are now investigating if the person who fired the fatal BB gunshot will face a criminal charge.

Linda Fea is a neighbor who says the house has had problem parties before.

“It was just getting out of control,” Fea said.

She complained to Sacramento State in 2017.

“We were concerned about the safety, because we'd also seen at the parties the kids were at the roof, and jumping into the pool,” Fea said.

Sacramento State told Fea at the time that the fraternity house was “out of their control.”

"It's a private residence so our advice [to Fea] was you're going to have to deal with it through the channels that are available to you. It's nothing that we can really deal with directly,” Sacramento State University Spokesman Brian Blomster said.

Now, Fea’s fears have come true -- a student is dead.

Will Molina was set to graduate in May. His fraternity is planning a memorial to honor him on campus Sunday night.

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