LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) - The Las Vegas startup Cubicall created a modern twist on a phone booth. It was an idea sparked by brothers Nick and Anthony Pucci’s own need for a private space to take calls in their marketing firm.

Anthony decided they could make a “phone booth” to meet this need and quickly he heard from others that wanted to try it out.

“And that’s kind of when we had our eureka moment,” Pucci said. “We’re going to pivot to this and this is what we’re going to do full time.”

That business took off, especially after their successful pitch on the show Shark Tank. The duo landed a deal with Barbara Corcoran.

Cubicall was busy at work in Las Vegas manufacturing modular booths for the corporate world, but then like many other industries the pandemic brought things to a halt.

However, the brothers figured out just how to pivot their business again in 2020.

“This is where the doctor sits. The patient goes on the inside,” Pucci explained their newly-designed doctor’s booth.

The COVID-era booth uses the same model as their office space booth, but has been converted to fit the needs for a doctors appointment. Pucci showed off a booth they were shipping off to a respiratory doctor in Seattle. The room is negatively pressurized which means it takes the air out of the booth and filters it. In 15 minutes, the booth is disinfected and ready for the next patient.

Cubicall has also altered and sold hundreds of booths to health care settings and offices for COVID testing isolation rooms.

Now in 2022 about 90% of their business is back in the office.

“We’re now seeing more and more of our booths being requested, but to be made into an individual office space,” Pucci said.

The main audience is any sort of company that relies heavily on phone calls or lots of video interactions. Pucci believes their model will last in the future.

“I still think you’re going to see hot desking,” Pucci said. “I think the big corporate campus won’t be as big of a focus, because every ones spread out to different cities so they’re going to have satellite offices.

Pucci said that hybrid offices have already become more popular, and that will likely remain in the future.

Since the booths are modular, Pucci said its easy for companies to switch them from a COVID specific booth back to an office space.