LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- More Nevadans are willing or likely to get the COVID-19 vaccine, but the statistics may not be enough for the state to achieve the "herd immunity" for protection. 

According to a survey from the University of Nevada, Reno,  73% of people are willing and more likely to get the vaccine, an increase of 9% from the latest results in January. 

The study is still ongoing, and participants across the state can weigh in by clicking here.

"So 73%. It's good, it's in the right direction. But it's not that 90% that we may need,  up to 90% vaccinated population, to create that herd protection," said Professor Mark Riddle, who has been conducting the study. 

"I think we are heading to a period where there's going to be plenty of vaccine available for anybody who wants it. And we're going to need start hitting these pockets of people who either they don't feel like they're at risk anymore, or they just have this continued fear of the vaccine," Riddle said. 

Minority communities have increased their willingness to get the vaccine, but Hispanics, Native Americans and African Americans still range above 65 percent participation. 

Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders show a 43% rate of willingness to get the vaccine. 

Study says Covid-19 vaccines provide protection for pregnant and lactating women -- and their newborns

"This last mile is going to take multiple conversations between people who are hesitant and other people who can try meet them where they are," Riddle said. 

"I think we need to focus on how do we get distribution to places where people are comfortable getting shots, which is their doctor's office, or now pharmacies ...  and not be this kind of huge ordeal where you have to line up for hours to get it," Riddle said, hoping more community clinics can encourage access. 

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Now that's very interesting. First it was 80% needed for so-called herd immunity. Now it's 90%?? I think a great deal of 'herd immunity' has already happened. So what are they trying to tell us? That we have to continue to be imprisoned both by location and by mask unless we get vaccinated? You are not going to convince people to get vaccinated when there's been so much contradiction and misinformation about both Covid and the vaccines. The political narrative is driving what this and other leftist states are doing to their populations as a means of crushing any opposition to their way of thinking until that opposition gives up. Do we really want a Nevada like this? This type of thinking breeds hate and war. I really hope we do better than this.


Why bring politics into it? Politics has nothing to do with coronavirus and a vaccine

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