Zak Bagans' Las Vegas museum has artifacts from Natalie Wood's boat

Artifacts connected with Natalie Woods are on display in Las Vegas. (Kathleen Jacob/FOX5)

Las Vegas may hold a key to a mysterious Hollywood death. Natalie Wood died almost 36 years ago after falling from her yacht off Catalina Island. Thursday police named Wood's then-husband, actor Robert Wagner a "person of interest.”

Zak Bagans met with Natalie Wood's sister and the captain of the boat about a year and a half ago. He said while naming Wagner a person of interest isn't a complete shock, he's hopeful the new development will help bring some closure.

“I interviewed the captain, Dennis Davern right here where we're standing,” Bagans said, “I could tell when he looked at me and told me some things that he knew that he was the suspect number one.”

Bagans bought many items from the boat.

“This is the actual table that Robert Wagner, who is now a person of interest if you will, this is where he took that wine bottle and slammed it on the table as told to me by captain Dennis Davern who was on the ship on the yacht that night,” Bagans said.

Bagans also has candlesticks, life vests, and other equipment from the boat. He says the one people feel the most negative energy from is the radio Wagner used to call hotels asking about Wood.

“If he is guilty of this crime this is the first object that would have detected guilt in his voice of him lying,” Bagans said.

The room is filled with artifacts from the boat, somewhat of a memorial for wood.

“It just pays homage to the beautiful life that she led and the sadness that has been endured due to her very suspicious death, but I believe that closure is coming and we're one step closer to knowing exactly what happened. The truth is gonna come out,” Bagans said.

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