(Courtesy, Melody Saxton)

(Courtesy, Melody Saxton)

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- A woman flying home from a trip to Las Vegas found her luggage in shreds when she got back home.

“It literally looked like it exploded,” said Melody Saxton.

Saxton said she had a blast during her first trip to Las Vegas, where she was visiting for the Arianna Grande concert.

On May 12, she had two connecting flights back home to Honolulu -- L.A. and Kona. When she got to Kona, “I went to the counter at American and was like, 'Hey do I need to do anything with my bag? Is my bag going to make it to Honolulu?'"

Her bag never made it to Honolulu. Hawaiian Airlines put what was left of Saxton’s ripped, ragged and roasted clothes in a new suitcase. Her original bag was in no condition to fly.

After Saxton landed in Honolulu she waited at the airport for about five hours. At one point, Saxton said a supervisor with the airlines came down to talk to her.

“She gave me a $15 voucher for sandwich and coffee.”

Once her shredded luggage finally arrived Saxton took a video as she tried to figure out what survived.

“They said that my bag was dragged on a luggage cart and ripped to shreds,” she said in the video.

Her 6-year-old daughter met her at the airport.

Saxton said the airline attendants were rushing her through the process of going through her belongings and talking to her daughter instead of her.

“Mama, she asked but you didn’t hear but I’m going to tell you. Is it $300 total?” her daughter said in the video.

Saxton said the airline first offered $300, then $600, but she knew her stuff equaled much more.

One pair of boots that were destroyed cost Saxton $120.

“It looked like there were burn marks.”

Saxton’s military-grade bag lasted her eight years in the Army but it did not survive the conveyor belt.

The single mother was happy about one item that didn’t have a scratch: a $500 Gucci belt.

“It was an accomplishment that I had saved money to buy the belt,” she explained in a FaceTime interview.

In a statement Hawaiian Air said:

Properly transporting bags under our care is a responsibility we take seriously, and we were very disappointed to learn the bag of a guest was damaged at Kona International Airport on May 12 while we were transferring it from another carrier to one of our flights to Honolulu. We contacted our guest to apologize for the incident, initiate a reimbursement claim, and obtain approval to place the bag and its belongings in a replacement bag that was flown and returned to the guest in Honolulu. We are currently processing the compensation.

Saxton said all her clothes, makeup and accessories added up to more than $2,000. The maximum liability for domestic flights is capped at $3,500.

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Wait wait wait... She considers it 'an accomplishment to have saved $500 for a Gucci belt'? And she has a 6 year-old child? (Not to mention she just flew to Hawaii for an Arianna Grande concert). Interesting priorities. (though she did serve in the military). I could replace the majority of my wardrobe for the money she spent on a belt.

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