Amy Elizabeth Fleming

Thirty-three years after a child went missing in Nevada, the mother has been arrested in Palm Beach County.

Palm Beach County, FL (WPTV/FOX5) -- Thirty-three years after a child went missing in Nevada, the mother has been arrested in Palm Beach County.

Amy Luster, who now goes by the name Amy Elizabeth Fleming, is being charged with felony murder in the disappearance of her 3-year-old son Francillon Pierre.

Authorities in Las Vegas say they've been working this case for more than a year and have found enough evidence to make an arrest.

Fleming was booked in Las Vegas City Jail on Tuesday, Feb. 19, held on $1 million bail. 

Fleming is accused of killing Francillon, who went by the name "Yo-Yo," in 1986.

A news conference was held Monday afternoon in North Las Vegas to discuss the developments in the case.

Police said they were made aware in 2017 that someone had applied for a birth certificate in Francillon Pierre's name. They discovered it was someone trying to commit identity theft.

During that investigation, authorities were able to piece together enough information to complete an affidavit for arrest.

Records show 60-year-old Amy Fleming has been living in Broward County before U.S. Marshals arrested her Jan. 29.

She was booked into the Palm Beach County Jail and first appeared in front of a judge on Feb. 1.

At the time, she said she and the baby's step-father went to a Nevada swap meet and lost track of the child.

"The subsequent investigation revealed that the majority of witnesses at the Swap Meet reported never seeing Pierre with Fleming or Luster. Neighbors of Fleming and Luster also told investigators that Pierre had not been seen," said North Las Vegas Police. 

Detectives said the couple lied numerous times during the beginning of the investigation. They were charged with obstruction of justice and served several months in jail. 

Around the same time, Fleming and Luster were also facing child abuse charges. In an arrest report, Fleming admitted, "she had whipped Francillon with a belt because he had wet the bed while at the babysitters house." The report said the toddler had 25-30 welts on his back.  

When the couple was in jail, they wrote letters to each other. 

Over the last year as detectives looked over the case, police said, "detectives even went to the extent of piecing together multiple jail letters between Fleming and luster that had been torn into dozens of small pieces.”

One of the letters stated, "What happened was totally unintentional. I'm sorry. I hope you know that." 

Detectives never found Pierre's body. They're still hoping Fleming will tell them where the boy is. 

Fleming is being held on $1 million bond. 

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