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Jacklyn Garcia

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- A woman has been arrested following an alleged stabbing.

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police got a call just before 6:30 p.m. Feb. 1 that a person had been stabbed at an apartment, and that the woman who had stabbed the victim had left.

When officers arrived on the scene, they found a victim, identified in the report only as Jervon, in the living room suffering from multiple apparent stab wounds, according to the arrest report. He was transported by medical crews to UMC hospital.

The resident of the apartment told officers Jacklyn Garcia and her boyfriend had stabbed Jervon, then left the apartment, the report said. A nearby citizen told police they had seen a male and female run to a blue sedan parked on the south side of the complex, leave the vehicle, and jump over the south wall of the complex and into a wash area.

Officers found the vehicle and saw a blood trail leading from the car to the south wall of the complex. One of the officers looked over the wall and saw Garcia standing in the wash, covered in blood, the report said.

As they were taking her into custody, Garcia told one of the offers she had stabbed Jervon because he had touched a child she knew, the report said. The comment was captured on the officer's body-worn camera.

Garcia was transported to UMC hospital for treatment of a laceration on her finger. 

Officers also found two cell phones with blood on them near the south side of the apartment complex where Garcia had jumped the wall.

Detectives were called to the scene and conducted interviews, according to the report.

The apartment's resident said he and Jervon were in his room playing video games when Garcia came in and asked what thy were doing. She then told her boyfriend to come into the room and shut the door, the report said. At that point, Garcia allegedly jumped on Jervon and accused him of touching a child, then both she and her boyfriend started stabbing Jervon.

The resident said Jervon tried to hide in the closet, but they pulled him into the living room and told him to leave, then continued stabbing, the report said. Someone tried to call 911, he said, but the phone was knocked out of their hand and the battery fell out. They stabbed the victims a few more times, then ran out, the report said. Two children were in the living room during the incident.

Garcia was interviewed at the hospital. According to her, Jervon babysat two children at his residence on Jan. 31.

Garcia noticed that one of the children was watching "sex" videos on the phone, and she asked the child if someone had "sexually touched" them. The child told her Jervon had.

She told police she then left the residence. She said she did not notify police because the police had not done anything when she was touched when she was younger.

She admitted to stabbing him multiple times, both in the bedroom and the living room, the report said.

After she left the apartment, she said, she went to her vehicle to look for clothes to change into, then threw the cellphones in the rocks near the south wall. She told police she had also thrown the knife, which she described as a long, silver, fixed-blade throwing knife with pink on it. She then jumped the wall into the wash.

No knife was recovered at the scene.

Crime scene analysts recovered Jervon's bloody clothing from inside the apartment, the report said.

Garcia faces charges of attempted murder with a deadly weapon, robbery with a deadly weapon, coercion with force with a deadly weapon, child abuse/neglect with substantial mental harm with a deadly weapon.

Her boyfriend is still outstanding and not in custody, the report said, but probable cause exists for his arrest for attempted murder with a deadly weapon.

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