Woman attacked leaving work, calls it hate crime

Mary Onuohah took this photo after a man punched her in the face outside of her workplace (FOX5).

A Valley woman told FOX5 a man attacked her when she left work. She thinks he targeted her because of her race.

Mary Onuohah said she was driving out of work with her sister on Monday, November 6th when a man started yelling at them claiming they were driving the wrong way on the street.

"He opened up the door, I was the first one standing there, basically that first hit is what broke my nose and busted my lip," Onuohah said.

Her busted lip, broken nose, and scraped knee are healing, but she said the mental stress from the attack hasn't.

"When I come outside I'm looking around to make sure that that person is not here, I almost don't want to come outside during my breaks because I feel like someone may try to attack me," Onuohah said.

She reported the attack to police November 7th, Metro is investigating it as a battery case, but she insists its a hate crime.

"I called it a hate crime because the first thing out of his mouth was you stupid black bi*** and the second thing was I hate your kind," she said.

FOX5 got a hold of last year's FBI hate crime statistics.

The report shows hate crimes are up nationally by almost five percent since 2015.

In Las Vegas alone the agency reported 26 hate crimes motivated by race, religion, sexual orientation and gender identity. "I don't know how to explain to my kids that you know mommy got beat up by a man," Onuohah said.

She is having a hard time coming to terms with what happened to her when she left work last week. She's having an even harder time coming to terms with why it happened. "You see it a lot on TV, but when it happens to someone that you're close to, or yourself. I'm still in shock," she said.

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