Antonio Yanez. (LVMPD)

Antonio Yanez. (LVMPD)

CLARK COUNTY (FOX5) - Witnesses told police that Antonio Yanez admitted to shooting and killing his "friend" in the desert in February, according to Yanez's arrest report. 

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police said someone reported a man's body found in the desert off of State Route 147 on March 15. The victim was lying face down in a ravine with his arms bound behind his back.  Police said “several defects were noted to the back of the clothing." 

Police found five .40 caliber cartridge cases and a bullet on the ground near his body. He had no cell phone or wallet and his pockets were inside out, the report noted.

The Clark County Coroner later identified him as Marcos Madrid, 33. A missing persons report had been filed for Madrid on Feb. 8, police said. 

Police found that Madrid's social media activity stopped on the evening of Feb. 3, leading investigators to believe he was killed early Feb. 4.

A witness told police a man he knew as "Tony" came by his house and said "they would never see Marcos again." Tony admitted to beating Madrid and shooting him 12 times, according to the report. The witness said Tony and Madrid were roommates and that Madrid reportedly stole Tony's girlfriend's tax documents, upsetting Tony. 

Cellphone tower data put Yanez's phone in the area of where Madrid's body was found at 11:56 p.m. Feb. 3, police said.

Police served a search warrant on Yanez, 25, on Apr. 13. During the search, Yanez told police he considered Madrid a friend, allowed him to stay in his garage, and denied any hard feelings, the report said.

He told police an elaborate story about a man named Daniel who went with him to pick up Madrid in Yanez’s car. Yanez said Daniel was upset because Madrid owed him money. Yanez said he took them into the desert, where Daniel and Madrid got into a fight, the report said.

Yanez said Daniel told Madrid to walk, then Yanez heard multiple gunshots, according to the arrest report. Daniel threatened to kill Yanez’s family if he said anything, thenhe  dropped Yanez off at girl named Cheyenne’s house.

Yanez told police to confirm his story with Cheyenne.

Cheyenne confirmed that Yanez came to her house and told her he beat up Madrid and shot him 12 times. She said he explicitly told her he killed him and that she did not know of any Daniel, police said.

Police found a box for a Taurus .40 caliber semi-automatic handgun in the close and a small black bag and several gift/identification type cards in the name of Marcos Madrid, strewn across the backyard.

Yanez was charged with murder, kidnapping and robbery.

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