With pregame theatrics, Golden Knights win before the puck drop

The drumming heard at Toshiba Plaza before a home game at T-Mobile Arena belongs to the Knight Line. (Roger Bryner / FOX5)

There is no city in the world like Las Vegas, so it’s no surprise the hockey games are just as unique.

During Vegas Golden Knights pregame festivities, there are often light shows, performances and theatrics.

According to Jonny Greco, the Vice President of Entertainment Production for the Vegas Golden Knights, a lot goes into the production, starting with a lot of teamwork.

"We wanted to create a home ice advantage,” Greco said. “We wanted to do something that the City of Las Vegas would be proud of on the entertainment scale, which in the entertainment capital of the wold isn't the easiest, but we accepted it."

Greco said he works closely with his team to put the audience first, and from the beginning, it was about more than hockey.

"Sports allows almost 20,000 people to be together in one place after something terrible can happen,” Greco said. “(It was) just unbearably terrible, but they're all together.”

Oct. 10 was the team’s inaugural home opener, after the 1 October shooting, and Greco said he believed that was the time for them to show the city how much they care.

“We can create this moment where there is this group hug ... where everyone can celebrate this and kind of mourn, and be proud of what we are."

What Greco and his team does is storytelling on the ice. Some pieces - like picking the goal song or goal horn, took months of organization.

However, once competitions get going, they don't always have that much time.

"The playoffs don't allow that,” Greco said. “Sometimes ... you don't always know who you're going to be playing, and usually you have only a couple of days to turn it around. That is sort of the most impressive thing about the creative team. They get so inspired so quickly to tell a fun story that the fans can like."

The shows are so unique, the team has seen national recognition and has been setting trends that other teams try to follow.

"It’s great to borrow ideas and take ideas,” Greco said. “But you want to make them your own, and I think Washington's done that, which is cool, but they're not going to be Vegas and we're not going to be Washington."

But all the fame, has come with some hate.

"That's the beautiful part about art." “It’s about putting yourself out there and entertainment out there, some people love it, some people don't and that is okay."

At the end of the day, Greco said it’s all about the fans and telling the story of Las Vegas.

There isn’t much like the energy of a #VGK game, especially when it comes to the preshow’s during home games. I’ll tell you what goes into the production at 5! pic.twitter.com/oIOQQmIGtI— Chernéy Amhara (@CherneyAmharaTV) June 5, 2018

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