UPDATE: According to federal rules, a regular Unemployment Insurance (UI) claim expires after one year. For example, many regular UI claims had a Benefit Year Begin (BYB) date of March 15, 2020, meaning they will have a Benefit Year End (BYE) date of March 13, 2021. Once claimants in the UI program get to their Benefit Year End, they are required to file a new UI claim to have their eligibility re-determined.

This does not apply to Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) claims.

Here’s what claimants can expect:

Claimants who are reaching their benefit year end will be prompted to file a new UI claim. This is required. Once claimants reach their benefit year end, they can no longer collect benefits on their original claim.

Once a claimant has filed a new claim, they may see an issue labeled “Double Dip - UI” in their portal. This refers to the verification that must be done by DETR to see if the claimant qualifies to start a new claim. Claimants do not need to take any other action unless they are contacted by a claims representative.

Claimants who returned to work and earned at least three times their weekly benefit amount have met the double dip requirement and will (usually) be switched to the new claim.

Claimants who had been collecting PEUC weeks may be eligible for a new UI benefit year. However, they must keep collecting PEUC if their new UI claim Weekly Benefit Amount (WBA) is at least $25 less than the WBA on their PEUC claim. They must also keep collecting PEUC if they have not earned 3x their weekly benefit amount with new employment.

Claimants are also allowed to continue receiving PEUC benefits if they didn’t return to work or don’t have wages from the previous year.

Claimants should be aware that review of the double dip requirements may pause weekly benefit payments. Claimants should continue to file their weekly claims during this time.

After the staff reviews the file, eligible claimants will either have their claim moved to a new UI benefit year or continue on PEUC.

ORIGINAL STORY (March 17): LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Nevada's unemployment office says some claimants may have received notices that they are double filing or "double dipping" when re-filing unemployment claims, if they are collecting regular unemployment insurance and the state's Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation.

All regular unemployment insurance (UI) claimants had to file a new UI claim at the beginning of 2021. The new claims must be reviewed in some cases, according to the Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation (DETR). 


"At this time, claimants who are still filing after getting to their Benefit Year End will need to have their claims reviewed to be sure they are collecting benefits from the proper program," said DETR spokesperson Rosa Mendez in an email on Wednesday. 

Regular UI claimants who are collecting from the state's Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation (PEUC) program, which provides up to 13 weeks of UI for eligible claimants whose UI claims have been exhausted, may continue to collect PEUC payments if the new UI claim has a weekly benefit amount of $25 or is less than the PEUC. Claimants in this circumstance may trigger a "double dipping" notice and further review, according to DETR. 

The department on Wednesday also released its January 2021 economic report. According to the report, the highest unemployment rates were 9.9% in the Las Vegas area, 4.9% in Reno, and 5.6% in Carson City during the fist month of the year. 

The lowest unemployment rate was in Eureka County at 3.1% unemployment in January 2021.

Since December 2020, Humboldt County's unemployment rate has remained unchanged. Five counties's rates have increased by 0.1%. The remaining eleven counties in Nevada had decreasing unemployment rates. cs page.

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