LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- This time of year in Clark County, illegal fireworks start popping up by the thousands, but officials warn setting off illegal fireworks is dangerous, since it could start fires and people could get hurt.

That's why they're using public input to fight back against the issue.

"There's a website,, and we are encouraging anyone to submit their complaint about fireworks," said Deputy Fire Chief Warren Whitney of the Clark County Fire Department.

On the website, locals can enter their name, number and the location of witnessed firework activity in a submission form.

According to Whitney, the report is used for "planned enforcement in the future."

Online submissions do not result in a police dispatch, according to county officials. Instead, the data is used to document problem areas to plan future law enforcement efforts.

"So this year's data, wherever the hot spot areas are, we'll concentrate on those areas. Last year's data, we'll concentrate on those areas," said Whitney.

That means more police will be present in last year's hotspot areas, which includes Enterprise, among other neighborhoods.

In 2020, the ISpy site logged 27,194 complaints from June 28 through July 5, including 17,332 on July 4.

"That's where they'll start, that's where they'll concentrate, and then work out from there," said Whitney. "We will have enforcement teams out there issuing citations starting at $250 ... As they're driving around, they're seeing fireworks going off into the air, and they will respond then."

Whitney asks the public not to call 911 or 311 to report illegal fireworks, "because it could delay emergency response to life-threatening emergencies."

It's easy to spot illegal fireworks. Unlike legal "safe and sane" fireworks, they explode in the air.

Las Vegas Fourth of July

Light from Independence Day weekend fireworks is reflected in the water in front of the Bellagio Hotel as they explode over Caesar's Palace on The Strip, Sunday, July 3, 2011, in Las Vegas. (AP Photo/Julie Jacobson)

It's this time of year when county officials say the booms can wreak havoc on the mental health of some. The explosions emit a sound that can frighten or trigger some community members. 

"Use the safe and sane fireworks, and even with those fireworks, notify your neighbors. Some people are sensitive to noises. The illegal fireworks have an amplified effect on seniors, veterans, animals, and people with PTSD like the 1 October survivors," said Whitney.

Instead of using any fireworks, he suggests being a spectator at one this year's many professional, certified firework displays.

"There's one on the Strip with seven resort properties, it's going to be New Years Eve-style fireworks, so it's gonna be a big show," said Whitney. "Red Rock is having fireworks, Las Vegas Aviators are having fireworks, there's firework shows in Pahrump, firework shows in Mesquite. Go to these. Save your money, save the hassle of clean up, save the fines and citations, go to these shows and enjoy the reopening of Las Vegas."

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