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UNITED STATES - SEPTEMBER 6: slowdowns in the U.S. Postal Service have spurred concerns about delivery and receipt of ballots for the November elections. 

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- A social media post by a church claiming to be an official mail-in ballot drop off location caused confusion and concern among some valley voters.

Calvary Chapel Lone Mountain posted a picture of a black box and claimed to be an official Clark County mail-in ballot drop off location even though it is not on the county’s website.

The post prompted a couple of comments from people who noticed the church was not an official drop off site.

Nevada’s Deputy Secretary of State for Elections Wayne Thorley said due to the passage of Assembly Bill 4, the church operated within the bounds of the law: AB4 allows any trusted third party to deliver a mail-in ballot on behalf of the voter. 

Previously, only a family member could be authorized to do so. 

“This specific provision caused a lot of alarm with the secretary of state and ultimately she opposed the bill,” said Thorely. “She was opposed to this change. We’re concerned that somebody that takes possession of another person’s ballot may not turn it in.”

Ballot harvesting, the act of collecting ballots in bulk to change people’s votes, is something people in other states have been accused of doing.

The Clark County Registrar of Voters is warning voters to be very careful about who they trust with their mail-in ballot.

“We have many sites that we are making it available at city clerks' offices. All early voting sites and all election day sites. There is really no reason why they shouldn't take advantage of those sites,” said Clark County Registrar Joe Gloria.

Anyone who accepts a ballot on behalf of another voter is under an obligation to turn that ballot in within three days of receipt.

“If a person fails to do that then they could be subject to severe criminal penalties. It’s actually a felony to fail to turn in a ballot that somebody else has given to you,” said Thorley. 

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I want to say a Truth here: 'you can track your Ballot, but YOU CANNOT Track to whom it is 'Credited' can take a Ballot marked for President Donald J Trump and place it in the container or mark it as for Biden. How will that be tracked? I suggest everyone take a picture of their Ballot, whether a Mail In or in Person Voting. Keep that picture for evidence that you voted for President Donald J. Trump. Biden lost 47 years ago and I surely would NOT want a Repeat of 2008...lost my job, lost my financial status and more...because they wanted to give our country away to fill their pockets. AND THAT IS WHAT THEY DID..I experienced Discrimination, Joblessness and watched my position given to people from other countries. I witnessed adults 'crying' as they moved from their nice homes; I saw beautiful furniture left on the side walks with a sign "free". Only the Good Will prospered from 2008-2009 up through the Winning Election of 2016. Then the Economy Returned. But it was deliberately STOPPED! The demons are on a Short Leash...GOD IS STILL IN CONTROL!


Typo[oh my] should say "IF" those lacking knowledge etc.


MY THOUGHTS ARE: 'MAIL IN BALLOTS ARE A SCHEME to Cheat to Defeat President Donald J. Trump, who is the Chosen Leader for America. He is like Moses, the Great Leader, King David, who Killed Goliath, the Giant and the Wise and Wealthy King Solomon." Many have risen up against him, but the Authority and Power of the Eternal Creator is with him and HE HAS WON! I those lacking knowledge and understanding show hate, then we know whom they belong to. Let them fight with GOD and we know who WINS! GOD, THE ETERNAL CREATOR IS REAL!. Heaven is a planet and is Real, also. (Example: if your friend/family member goes around a corner out of your sight; and you can't see them, ARE they not real and living?)

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