West Las Vegas GNC store robbed twice in one week by the same men

(FOX5 Vegas)

On Tuesday, it was business as usual at GNC near Ft. Apache Road and Tropicana Avenue. Store employees began restocking shelves one week after the store was robbed.

"We were really surprised," said Marianne Allison, the store owner's accountant. "I feel like in this area, there are some drug related crimes, and I feel like people come in and steal things to sell for drugs."

No one was injured and the thieves didn't use any weapons, but it was all caught on camera.

In the store's security video, two men are seen browsing through the aisle, a larger man wearing all black begins to grad multiple items then casually walks out. The store employee follows behind and begins to chase after him, then a second man walks out with even more merchandise.

"They just helped themselves to whatever they wanted," said Allison. "They didn't disguise themselves, I mean it just seems so brazen."

That robbery happened Thursday and was the second time the two hit the store.

"They got away with $250 each time," said Allison. "It was well over $500."

Allison said theft is a growing problem in the area.

"The sports store had the same incident with the same two men this week as well," said Allison. "Just in general crime seems to be increasing."

Now all store officials at GNC want, is for police to catch the alleged thieves, and set an example.

"We filed a police report," said Allison. "At the same time, it is always helpful to have the public involved as far as pictures and video. I'm hoping to catch these criminals because we don't want them to come back because we've got young kids working in this store and we want it to be safe."

The two men got away in a Jeep after the robbery.

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