Mark Alan Cagle

Mark Alan Cagle (FOX5)

HENDERSON (FOX5) -- After the heartbreaking plight of a veteran who had his wheelchair stolen was aired on FOX5, calls and emails poured in to help him. 

The retired Air Force captain, 68-year-old Mark Cagle, who is disabled and homeless, had his electric wheelchair stolen over the weekend while he was sleeping in downtown Henderson. 

"I was down in the Wells Fargo parking lot asleep, and it was plugged in charging. I came out and it was gone," Cagle said Monday. 

Staff members at Cagle's soup kitchen Friends in the Desert reached out to alert the community about the crime.

Numerous people reached out to help and even donate a wheelchair. 

Daniel DeWitt and Ellie Pereira saw the story and thought of their practically brand new electric wheelchair that had been sitting in their garage.

It belonged to DeWitt's late father-in-law, who was a Marine Corps veteran. He used it a handful of times before he passed away. 

"He would want it to be given to a vet, if at all possible," DeWitt said.    

The couple contacted repair company NuMotion, who donated new batteries for the chair and spruced it up for Cagle. 

DeWitt and Pereira prepared the wheelchair for pick-up, cleaned it up and decked it out with an American flag, then Cagle stopped by their home to see it. 

"God bless you, really ... if it wasn’t for you, I'd be without a wheelchair," Cagle said tearfully to DeWitt and Pereira.

People hoping to help Cagle and his friends can contact Friends in the Desert.


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