AMR Ambulance

An AMR ambulance is seen here responding to the 1 October shooting.

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) - In a newly-released video from inside an AMR and Medicwest Ambulance, two first responders got the news: "There's been a shooting and dozens are hurt." 

Without hesitation, and without being assigned to the call, Jodie was recorded during 1 October saying, "Let's Go."

"'Let's Go!' those are our people," Regional Director for AMR and Medicwest Scott White said. "They run to the danger, not away."

The video was taken just five minutes after the shooting started.

"Some of our people were taking patients in before the shooting had even stopped," White said. 

Sheri Jones was one of those first responders.

"We must have passed 300 to 400 people while we were going there," she said. 

First responders from AMR and MedicWest put a call out: "If you're off work, and can come in, do it." More than 300 employees showed up. 

"In less than an hour, we deployed 240 crews," Michael Gannon, Operations Supervisor at Medicwest said. 

When they got to the Strip, the pandemonium continued. 

"I was sent to the Tropicana and I just started working on people," Sheri Jones said. "And then my supervisor said, 'We think we have a shooter on the roof of the Tropicana. We have to get everyone indoors.'"

Sheri stood on a table and screamed for everyone to get inside, and people began carrying the wounded into the hotel. Once inside the Tropicana, Sheri said she realized she had even more people who needed help. 

"We went into a kitchen, there was someone shot in the head. There was 30 people in a kitchen."

At other spots, it wasn't any easier. 

"We saw 100-plus patients that night," paramedic Mathew Dryden said. 

"It was just waves and waves of people," Callen Daquioag said. 

Directing all of these first responders was Andrew Jones, in dispatch. 

"You could hear the stress in their voice when they were coming across people," he said. "People jumping on ambulances, people threatening people if they don't help them, they were going to hurt them," he said. 

AMR and Medicwest transported more than 200 people to local hospitals. 

Scott White, the Regional Director for AMR and Medicwest made the decision that no one would pay for their ambulance, or the car they received that night. 

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