Victims' attorneys react to MGM video of 1 October shooter

Lawyers argued MGM Resorts should've been able to notice suspicious behavior by Stephen Paddock.

More than 75 minutes of surveillance video of the 1 October shooter inside Mandalay Bay has left many with more questions.

On Thursday, a retired Metro officer and a body language expert said, while the video is chilling, Paddock didn’t exactly raise alarms.

But two lawyers, representing hundreds of victims and their families, disagreed.

“He tips the elevator man, the doorman, the valet,” attorney Craig Eiland said. “It just shows how casual he was and how confident he was, he wasn't going to get caught.”

Since its release, many have been breaking it down, minute-by-minute, trying to find any clue as to what was going on inside Stephen Paddock’s mind.

While some said his body language alone isn’t enough to cause suspicion, two lawyers said otherwise.

“I just don't buy it; I just don’t,” Attorney Michelle Simpson Tuegel said.

“He obviously gave off red flags,” Eiland said.

Both lawyers are filing suits against MGM, claiming employees did not do enough to stop Paddock.

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“They would have some type of security in place ... that would have caught one of these guns before they made it up to his room. Or one of these guns once it was in his room, much less all 23,” Eiland said.

The surveillance video showed Paddock bringing bag after bag up to his hotel room.

Tuegel said someone should have caught on.

“What’s really not normal, just looking at it from common sense perspective; 23 suitcases in a few days is not normal,” she said. “It's not normal in Vegas. It’s not normal anywhere.”

And she argued employees should have known it wasn’t just clothes in those bags.

What those employees would've been experiencing, lifting those bags,” she said. “We know that Paddock had thousands of rounds of ammunition. That would have been really heavy.”

Both lawyers said they believe these videos will help their cases, but right now, it’s not enough to help the victims.

“That is not helping the healing of these people and these victims who have been through hell,” Tuegel said. “It's very frustrating to them, and quite frankly, a slap in the face.”

After releasing the video, Debra DeShong, Senior Vice President of Global Corporate Communications and Industry Affairs, MGM Resorts International released this statement:In the interest of providing greater context around Stephen Paddock’s actions in the days leading up to October 1, MGM Resorts has released these security videos and images. As the security footage demonstrates, Stephen Paddock gave no indication of what he planned to do and his interactions with staff and overall behavior were all normal. MGM and Mandalay Bay could not reasonably foresee that a long-time guest with no known history of threats or violence and behaving in a manner that appeared outwardly normal, would carry out such an inexplicably evil, violent and deadly act.

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