Vegas Strong Resiliency Center

Vegas Strong Resiliency Center

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- The Vegas Strong Resiliency Center is reminding survivors financial aid is available, especially during the holidays, which can be a difficult time. 

"Thanksgiving marks the start of the holiday season that can be a delicate time for survivors and families of victims from 1 October. The Vegas Strong Resiliency Center is reminding the community of the resources it offers such as mental and emotional support and emergency financial assistance," said a statement from the center. 

Survivors can qualify for assistance for a financial emergency up to $500, twice in any 12 consecutive month period, up to four times in their lifetime. More details about the emergency financial assistance program are available at

Since launching the emergency fund in 2019, the Resiliency Center has provided financial assistance to 94 survivor applicants, paying out $46,833. The queue of approved first-time applicants is currently empty. The vast majority of the money that goes into this fund is generated from proceeds of the Vegas Strong specialty license plates available for purchase.

Donations can be made at

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george strong

Shooter's girlfriend was in the FBI, she disappeared to the Philippines.

The security guard who found the room the shooter was in disappeared to Mexico.

The shooter had no visible means of income but owned at least two homes and played high stakes video poker.

Obviously a federal government operation.


When something major happens, when a big event happens, people naturally want to know why that happened. They want an explanation and they want to know the truth. But they also want to feel certain of that truth. This desire can lead to confirmation bias and latching to conspiracy theories. Research has shown that people who feel powerless and disillusioned tend to gravitate more towards conspiracy theories.

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