Vegas Golden Knights embrace fan favorites on social media, merchandise

The Golden Knights aren’t on this wild ride to the Stanley Cup alone.

The Golden Knights aren’t on this wild ride to the Stanley Cup alone. There are already a handful of fan favorites who are catching the team’s attention.

Juan Muniz is just one of the fans, the Golden Knights have embraced.

In May, Muniz said he wouldn’t sell his artwork unless it was through partnership with the Knights. Since, that dream has come true. His designs have been printed on socks and clothes.

“It started with just a cute little character of Chance,” Muniz said. He started drawing Golden Knights cartoons when the team made it to the playoffs.

“I have so much joy and passion for this team and for this city,” he said. “The only way I know how to express myself is through my art.”

His artwork caught the eye of not just fans, but the team itself.

“One of the big campaigns they wanted to launch was the ‘Golden Misfits,’” Muniz said. “And we are. We are the misfits of the NHL.”

So the Golden Knights called in Muniz to help design the line.

“My first thought is I have to run down there, look at them, hold them for myself,” he said.

So he rushed to the Armory at T-Mobile Arena to see his artwork printed on the team’s official merchandise.

“I’m going all fan-boy over my own stuff,” he said. “To see it at the Armory, it's something that I wanted, but I didn't think it could ever happen.”

And he’s not the only one the Golden Knights have noticed.

“The team has a plush flamingo animal and Hawaiian shirts with flamingos,” creator of the flamingo Drew Johnson said.

The Victory Flamingo has become synonymous with a Golden Knights win.

And of course, there’s Bark-Andre Furry, the pup named after Knights goalie Marc-Andre Fleury. The little dog has gained national attention for being the Knights’ fluffiest fan.

“The NHL posted a picture of the Arsenal staff holding his jersey,” Rick Williams said. “From there, it went crazy!”

Muniz said this only proved the team’s dedication to this city and its fans.

“If the Knights are the fuel, the fans are the match,” he said. “It's beautiful to see it as a fan, them taking those things and making it part of the fabric of the Golden Knights.

For the ‘Golden Misfits’ collection, Muniz created five characters. One has a flower as a tribute to Fleury. He said the others do not represent any specific players, rather the fan base as a whole.

Muniz’s shirts were expected to hit shelves this weekend.

The @GoldenKnights tap into local artist and VGK super fab to design apparel for the ‘Golden Misfits’ line! We talk to @jmunizart about how it feels to see his work in stores! @FOX5Vegas— Tiana Bohner (@FOX5_Tiana) June 1, 2018

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