Sigler family at graduation

Mikey Sigler's family accepted his high school diploma one week after his death.

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) - Cimarron Memorial High School left one seat empty at its graduation ceremony Saturday.

Senior Mikey Sigler died in a motorcycle crash just one week before graduation.

In his memory, his family walked in his place to receive his diploma.

On the morning of Friday, May 17, 18-year-old Mikey Sigler had picked up his cap and gown for graduation. He hopped on his motorcycle to go to a friend’s house and that’s when his motorcycle collided with another vehicle near Buffalo and Lake Mead, Sigler's family said.

The teen driver of the same age and the passenger were ok, but Sigler was declared brain dead.

“I just began to meditate,” said Sigler’s mother Courtney Kaplan. “Just trying so hard to connect [with Mikey] and he said, ‘I have to go. I'm a little scared but I have to go.’"

Kaplan said that was the moment she knew her son had passed.

His family took him off life support and his organs were donated. Sigler had updated his organ donor status just months before with his motorcycle license.

Last week, the Sigler family invited the other driver involved in the crash into their home.

They said they don't blame him for the crash and they don't want police to file any charges against him.

Mikey's father Charles Sigler told the teen, "I have nothing but love in my heart for you. There is no ill will."

"What I cannot let you do is let you give up,” said Kaplan to the driver. “I cannot have you lose your life and my son. Don't give up."

Mikey was an organ donor, and on the day of his death, UMC did its first ever "Honor Walk," where doctors, nurses, and Mikey's parents said goodbye minutes before they took him off life support and donated his organs.

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