Valley parents concerned about dangerous bus stop

Students are seen here crossing the street on Aug. 14, 2018. (Eric Greene / FOX5)

Every year, the first few days of school in the Las Vegas valley can be chaotic when it comes to traffic and bus stop issues. From no crossing guards to bus stops at busy intersections, many parents shared concerns.

Ortwein Elementary had no crossing guards scheduled on the first day of school. CCSD said the county oversees assigning crossing guards at schools, but the county said it was never made aware that the painting and signage was complete. The county immediately assigned crossing guards starting Tuesday.

The new bus stop located off Sunset Road near Durango Drice was great news for parents in the area, until they learned which side of the street it would go. Most kids have to cross a busy street with no crosswalk in sight to get to their neighborhoods.

“It’s across Sunset. No stop signs, no crosswalks and all the kids were basically playing Frogger in traffic. One of the girls almost got hit by a semi-truck (Monday),” concerned parent Tiffany Warren said.

She and other parents complained to CCSD’s Department of Transportation.

“They said if a bus stop is within two miles of a crosswalk they can walk to that crosswalk, cross at that crosswalk and then walk the two miles back to that bus stop,” Warren said.

She said the nearest crosswalk for her daughter is about a mile down the road at the intersection of another busy street.

“She’s 12 and I don’t feel comfortable letting her walk three miles on a street that doesn’t have a crosswalk.”

She said parents are driving their kids to and from the bus stop when they can, but when that’s not an option, kids are just running for their lives.

“It’s gonna take one kid to get hit for this to become an issue and that’s not okay,” Warren said. “It’s my baby. It’s my only and that’s the one I’m gonna protect.”

The school district did not respond to a request for comment on the issue.

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