LAS VEGAS (FOX5) – Valley nonprofits are working to keep their doors open as their federal funding runs dry amid the government shutdown.

While federal employees are working without paychecks or are furloughed, the continued shutdown is reaching more and more people.

Staff with the Nevada Partners for Homeless Youth said the shutdown’s impact is far-reaching, and that in the coming weeks the shutdown will greatly impact kids who are homeless.

NPHY provides programs, counseling, and housing to homeless kids aged 12 to 21. It also depends on the federal government for more than half its funding. While staff will do their best to cut costs and keep their doors open, NPHY’s executive director worries about the kids at risk of losing their own federal resources like food stamps.

“About 50 percent of our youth are using food stamps regularly,” said NPHY’s Executive Director Arash Ghafoori. “If those benefits stop, we’re trying to figure out right now how to make sure we can supply them food, resources, gift cards and [utilize] the generosity of the community.”

 Also affected is Las Vegas’ Safe House, a nonprofit committed to helping women and families who are faced with domestic violence. Workers with Safe House are paid out of pocket and then reimbursed using federal funds. Safe House told FOX5 is relies on the federal government for 85% of its funding. Staff said they will most likely get reimbursed for December costs but what will happen next is a mystery. In the event the shutdown continues into February, Safe House said it has enough reserve funds to keep doors open for months but not every nonprofit will be able to last as long.  

 “I think that there’s a lot of organizations out here in Nevada that do not have the reserves that we have been able to accumulate,” said Julie Proctor, executive director for Safe House. “I think if [the government shutdown] goes for a year, I think there will be a lot of organizations that will not be able to keep their doors open. Or provide services until this is rectified.”

 President Trump delivered an impassioned speech on Tuesday night saying no deal had been met. 

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