Valley leaders highlight progress on International Women's Day

Women across the globe marched to support one another for International Women's Day Thursday.

Women across the globe marched to support one another for International Women's Day Thursday. Companies did their part too. McDonald’s switched its iconic M to a W, and Barbie released 17 new dolls as part of its role model line.

“It’s not just about celebrating our successes, but also amplifying our voices,” Rebecca Gill said. Gill leads the Women Research Institute at UNLV. She said the recent #MeToo movement has given this year’s day a boost.

“It’s fantastic that pop culture is opening up and listening and engaging in a dialogue about some of these key issues,” she said.

Gill said women have made strides in politics like Congresswoman Dina Titus (D-NV).

“I’ve always made that a priority,” the congresswoman said. “I taught women in politics at UNLV. And I always tried to recruit women to run for state legislature when I was minority leader.”

But women’s rights leaders argued more needs to be done to address the gender pay gap, equality in the workplace and sexual harassment issues.

“Those are all things that we should be talking about and if women weren’t there to make that a priority, I’m not sure that would be at the top of the list,” Titus said.

“I think women are making strides across the board, in my mind, just not fast enough,” Gill said.

And Gill said she would like to see more women become leaders. As of March 8, only 27 CEOs of Fortune 500 companies are women.

“It’s a real disservice to those industries and to us as consumers when women are not involved in the products, apps we use,” Gill said.

She added that change starts with getting everyone, both men and women, involved in the conversation.

“Making our society more welcoming to different kinds of people doesn’t make it less welcoming for men,” she said.

Did you know the iconic Las Vegas sign was designed by a woman, Betty Willis? Pretty cool! #InternationalWomenDay2018— Tiana Bohner (@FOX5_Tiana) March 9, 2018

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