Valley family mourns slain teen; meets man who tried to save her

Metro vehicles near the scene of the Ann and 95 shooting. (FOX5)

A North Las Vegas father is coping with the death of his teenage daughter.

Justise Allen, 16, was shot and killed while hanging out with her friends Friday night. Metro police said it happened in the northwest part of the valley.

“Somebody out there murdered my child,” Justin Allen said. Her father is now searching for answers after someone shot and killed his daughter.

Justise was one of seven children.

“That’s my second oldest child,” Allen said. “Me and her mom raised her. Me and her mom raised her to be a queen.”

Allen got the call that his daughter had been shot Friday night and rushed to the scene.

“I realized my baby ain't here no more,” he said. “She never made it to the hospital. She never made it off the ground.”

Before Allen got there, a stranger was by her side, trying to help.

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“I heard five gunshots,” neighbor Sean Phillipson said. “They were so loud, and immediately after that I heard screaming, screaming for help... I can't just ignore that.”

Phillipson credited his military background for knowing what to do to try and save Justice. He put pressure on her wound and administered CPR.

“I told her to stay with us, I was just trying to keep her eyes open, keep trying to fight,” he said.

Police believed Justise tried to run for help before collapsing. Her family is still coming to terms with the fact they will never hear her voice again.

“I can’t do any of that. I can't tell her no or yes anymore,” Allen said. “It hasn't sunken in. It hasn't sunken in.”

At a candlelight vigil on Saturday, the family met Phillipson.

“The love he showed my daughter, it's a beautiful thing,” Allen said. “That was a blessing. That was a blessing for someone to even try to help and save her.”

“You know I’m not looking for recognition,” Phillipson said. “I don't feel that I was a hero. But it was nice to tell the family that I was there with their baby girl. She wasn't alone.”

While Allen said it’s too early to forgive, he had a message for whoever took his daughter’s life.

“Come forward. Let them know what happened to my baby. That's all,” Allen said.

Phillipson added he hopes others will learn CPR because you never know when you’ll need it. And it could save a life. A 19-year-old man was also shot, but is expected to be okay.

Police do not think that shooting was random. No word on any suspects. No one has been arrested.

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