Valley 2-year-old 'Iron Man' with rare heart condition gets new armor

A little boy with a very rare heart condition just got some brand new armor to help protect him. (FOX5)

A little boy with a very rare heart condition just got some brand new armor to help protect him.

Ezekiel Canseco, who was featured by the FOX5 Surprise Squad, is two years old. He was born with two-thirds of his heart and part of his liver and intestines outside of his body. He has survived five surgeries and his heart visibly beats through his chest.

"I was six-weeks pregnant when we found out about Ezekiel's condition," his mother Desteny Amaya said. "I went through a depression stage ... God is never going to give you something you can't handle, so I took that in and I said, 'You know what? No. He's going to be fine.'"

Ezekiel's survival story has now made its way across the world. He's known as "Iron Man," because his fragile heart is what makes him so strong. The idea came from Ezekiel's older brother, Vincent, who was always into action figures.

The Children's Heart Foundation thought the superhero's armor would look great on Ezekiel. They helped him don the armor and brought him to the Marvel Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N. on the Las Vegas Strip for a photo shoot. The family was also excited to see the new Avengers movie this weekend, which will be the first time Ezekiel ever goes to a movie theater.

"Ezekiel has been through so much for such a little tiny guy, and you would never know it from just looking at him. He's like the happiest sweetest kid ever!" Kelley McClellan, the executive director of the foundation said.

"I just want him, when Ezekiel grows up, I want him to see and know that he did make a difference," Amaya said.

Click the video above to see Ezekiel and his family's journey over the past two years.

To help kids like Ezekiel and learn how to donate or volunteer with the Children's Heart Foundation visit their website at

It was such an honor to have "Iron Man" Ezekiel at the station today! He was born with two thirds of his heart outside of his chest. Now, just like Tony Stark, his fragile heart is what makes him a hero.We'll have his story coming up in a few minutes on FOX5 at 11:00.— Adam Herbets (@AdamHerbets) April 28, 2018

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