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(Meredith) -- If you're engaged, you might want to buy your perfect wedding dress as soon as possible -- it's likely the prices will begin to increase due to the trade war between the United States and China.

President Donald Trump's proposed 25-percent tariff hit list on $200 billion of Chinese imports includes silk and other materials used to make wedding dresses, according to Fortune.

Some bridal gown designers and retailers told Fortune the tariffs will "devastate" the industry, worrying that brides won't be able to afford authentic dresses and turn to buying counterfeit products online.

While numerous industries are at risk for raising costs due to the tariffs --  including jewelry, electronics, lighting, and footwear -- the bridal industry is particularly at risk.

Even if the dresses are made in the US, specialty fabrics like silk often come from China.

Rebecca Schoneveld, owner of Brooklyn bridal shop Schone Bride, told Fortune that many of the materials used to make a wedding dress are not able to be made in the US.

"Specialty fabric, trims, and silks—most of those don’t exist in the U.S. We don’t have silk worms or mulberry trees. The Silk Road is called the Silk Road for a reason," Schoneveld told Fortune.

It's unclear exactly how much more wedding dresses could cost, as every gown is different. However, Schoneveld gave an example that one dress she normally sells for $2,200 would now have to be sold for $2,800.

The year-long US-China trade war escalated dramatically in August. Now the world is watching to see whether new tariffs that kick in this weekend will bring the two economic superpowers to the negotiating table, or set the stage for more damaging exchanges of fire.

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