ATLANTA (CBS46) — Several videos surfaced over the weekend of an unidentified shirtless man hitching rides on the exterior of multiple semi-trucks Friday as they traveled down Atlanta-area highways.
The unidentified man was wearing a do-rag, had a surgical mask around his neck, and was holding onto the outside side-mirror of the cab of the truck with one hand.
That same man was later seen in a different video on a different truck crossing county lines from Dekalb into Gwinnett.
"I just shook my head," said one woman who witnessed the daredevil on I-85 South in Gwinnett County. "The things I see go on in Atlanta do not surprise me."
"What is going on man?" said a shocked Tuvoris Thomas as he recorded video of the man in Dekalb County.
Surprisingly, this was not the only incident of extreme stunts involving motor-vehicles captured on video Friday. Gabrielle Rudd was surprised to see a man hanging onto the back of a MARTA bus driving down Lindsey Drive in Bankhead late Friday night, right before grabbing her phone and beginning to record the dangerous stunt. 

"It looked like he was just having a free ride or something," said Rudd.  "I don’t know what was going on, but he rode for a good distance." 

MARTA released a statement to CBS46 regarding the incident:
"MARTA discourages this type of behavior because not only is it extremely dangerous, it’s illegal. We encourage all customers to ride inside the bus, while wearing a mask. Customers seeking a reduced ride should contact MARTA’s Reduced Fare Office. MARTA Police Detectives will review any available footage to see if they can identify the person and possibly file charges."
"I have never seen anything like this this is crazy," added Rudd. "Only in Atlanta do you see something like this going on."

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