(WINK/CNN/Meredith) - A Florida man lost his job after a viral video showed him yelling and cursing inside of a Costco when he was reportedly asked to wear a face mask.

Witnesses said the man became upset after another customer asked him to wear a face covering, which is required at Costco locations. The incident happened at a store in Fort Myers on June 27, according to the Fort Myers News-Press.

The video clip begins with a voice saying, "We are six feet away from you," to which the man responds, "You are harassing me and my family."

He then walked toward the camera and yelled, "I feel threatened!"

Billy Corben, a documentary filmmaker who lives in Miami, obtained the video from the man who filmed it. But the man who filmed it declined to be identified.

Corben tweeted the clip to his 82,000 followers on Monday, and it quickly went viral, amassing more than 11.6 million views. 

"Florida man at Fort Myers Costco in 'Running the World Since 1776' shirt flips out on elderly woman who asked him to wear a mask and man who defended her," the video caption reads.

The Ted Todd Insurance Agency identified the man in the video as a sales agent who has since been fired. 

"Thank you to everyone for their comments and messages raising awareness about a former employee at Ted Todd Insurance," the company tweeted Tuesday afternoon. "Their behavior in the video is in direct conflict with our company values and their employment has been terminated."

Ted Todd Insurance CEO Charley Todd also said, "Threatening behavior and intimidation go against our core mission to be trusted advisors in our community."

Costco has had a mandatory mask requirement since May 4 to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus. 

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Theyre called MASK NA ZIS...theyre psychotic people, the same kind of people that turned in Jewish neighbors to Hitlers army. The same kind of people that harass and beat women not wearing hijabs in Muslim countries. It should be illegal to bother people and harass them,film them and physically assault them for not wearing that filthy commie face rag. DONT TRY OT WITH ME!!!! DONT EVEN TRY IT. Stupid people are a dime a dozen now. ABSOLUTE IDIO TS. Fauci os a con artist , hes not a practicing physician! He works for Pelosi to decimate Americas economy to blame Trump. Shes A Psychopathic, Child abuser and has made millions in PPE loans that SHE DESIGNED.Pelosi gave herself a raise and refuses to go to work. We are being used.

John de Robeck

Grow up and put on your mask.

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